giving back to those who gave so much to us NICU neonatal intensive care unit

There are few events more joyful and extraordinary than the birth of a brand new baby. Meeting your child for the first time, and trying to soak up every tiny feature, movement, and sound is simply unbeatable. It is a time of extreme joy and anxiety as you realize this tiny life is now in your hands to care for. When a baby is born with complications and health issues, it is beyond terrifying. More than anything you want to protect your child from any danger, discomfort, or illness.

We saw firsthand how important the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is to helping children and families in need of special care. They were there to walk us through every procedure and test, offering hope and encouragement along the way. We hope to support the world-class team at Valley Children's Hospital as they work tirelessly to help parents and every baby that comes to their unit.

We Support Valley Children’s Hopsital

Valley Children’s is a nonprofit, state-of-the-art children’s hospital on a 50-acre campus with a medical staff of more than 550 physicians. In California, they treat more inpatient cases than any pediatric hospital north of San Diego. With 358 licensed beds, Valley Children's Healthcare is one of the largest pediatric healthcare networks in the nation.

Their neonatal intensive care units is world class and has some of the lowest mortality rates in the country while treating some of the sickest kids.

We Do It Because We’ve Lived It

Our son Titus spent 3 nights in the NICU due to a Pneumothorax that occurred during his first breaths. We felt the fear and helplessness such a situation brings, and are beyond thankful to the NICU staff for helping us. We want to give back to the doctors and nurses who work with these precious babies and their families day in and day out.

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